Chef’s Expressions Shares in the Celebration of Maryland’s Top 100 Women Event

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On Monday June 1, 2015 at 5 p.m., 1,000 guests gathered to celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Daily Record’s Maryland’s Top 100 Women Event at Baltimore’s Meyerhoff Symphony Hall. The unique, circular hall built to accompany the smooth sounds of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, played the perfect host to our festive food and drinks including our signature French Martini on the Rocks.

This year, The Daily Record celebrated the 20th anniversary of their Maryland’s Top 100 Women Event. The Daily Record created the Top 100 Women Event in 1996 to honor the excellent women of our state. The inspiring event put on each year has grown exponentially in attendees, starting with 700 attendees in the 1996 event to 1,000 at this years Top 100 Women’s 20th anniversary celebration.

As a catering and event design company striving for excellence in everything that we do, we were beyond thrilled to sponsor and cater The Daily Record’s Maryland’s Top 100 Women Event honoring women who share the same drive in both their professional and community lives.

The women awarded for their excellence are selectively chosen by 7 judges from hundreds of nominees. This year, 350 women were nominated for the outstanding award. The Daily Record selects not just women successful in their careers, but carefully chooses women who work hard to better their community. Among some of the criteria for nominations include the women’s professional, volunteer, and mentor contributions.

The event was filled to the brim with people sharing in the excitement for these wonderful women… and arriving with empty stomachs which we are always more than happy to accommodate!

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Michelle Daugherty Siri, Esq. (Left) and Aileen Eskildsen (Right)2015-06-08_0038

Rachel Barrett-Dolcine (Left) and Michele J. McDonald (Right)2015-06-08_0039

Kimberly Neal (Left) and Dottie Tiejun Li (Right)

It was a celebratory event indeed! The song “Happy” by Pharell Williams playing in the background as Maryland’s Top 100 Women walked onto the stage couldn’t have been a more perfect song to capture the mood of the evening.

Everyone was beyond happy to see these women receive their awards. The awards handed out to each of these excellent women also showed us how many women would go on to inspire our next generation’s leaders. As Chef’s Expressions, we couldn’t have been more thrilled to support and fill the stomachs of this event.

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