Recipe Inspiration: Maryland Corn, Crab And Tomato Salad

By Anna McCoy On Tuesday, August 28 th, 2012 · no Comments · In Recipes ,Wine & Food

One of the best parts about the Summer is being able to enjoy the harvest of the season. This delicious recipe for Maryland Corn, Crab, and Tomato Salad combines natural seasonal ingredients to make the perfect addition to any Summer time meal.


Maryland Corn, Crab And Tomato Salad

Serves eight
4 oz.portion
16 oz. Jumbo Lump Blue Crab (picked clean of shells- careful not to break up lumps)
4 Ears Silver King Corn
4 fluid ounces Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1.5 fluid ounces Rice Wine Vinegar
1/4 Bunch Fresh Basil, Cut into “Chiffonade” strips
1 Pinch Sea Salt
1/2 Teaspoon White Pepper
1/4 oz. Sugar
4 ounces Heirloom Tomatoes, 1/2″ dice (Cherokee Purple, Green, Zebra or Brandywine are favorites for this recipe)
Peel Corn Husks away from Corn. Rub Corn with 1 oz. Olive Oil and a touch of Sea Salt. Roast Corn in a 350 degrees oven for 20 minutes. Cool and cut from the cob into a stainless steel bowl
Add Lumps of Crab, Cut Tomatoes and Basil
Make Vinaigrette in a separate bowl by whisking Oil, Vinegar, Sugar and Sea Salt together
Pour over Crab Mixture, toss gently so as to not break up the Lumps of Crab. Place in a ramekins that you set in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours so the flavors begin to meld. Turn out ramekins onto a pretty plate, garnish with fresh tomato and basil and enjoy!
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