Posted on: Wednesday, February 2th, 2014

Planning an event can seem daunting, but our event design consultants are weighing in to offer their expertise so that your process will be as seamless as possible. Melanie Brzozowski, Bonny Opper, and Jen Pellegrino are sharing their tips and tricks to help you avoid these mistakes along the way.

Mistake #1: Trying to take on too much without outside help.

Solution: Outsource the event’s biggest projects. A professional team will have experience and will be able to foresee any problems that may arise. An established company will be able to offer creative solutions and problem-solving techniques to the client. They’ll have the right resources to manage the project in its entirety and ensure that the event goes as smoothly as planned. Professionals will also have knowledge about venues in the area and can offer help with floor plan designs, vendors fit for the space, and hurdling any obstacles.

Mistake #2: Waiting too long to book a venue.

Solution: Set aside a few weekends and dedicate that time solely to site visits. Explore several different venues, and be ready to ask all of the necessary questions. Be proactive by booking a space as soon as possible and moving quickly. Be aware of the busy months–June, September, and October are busiest for weddings while December and January are filled with holiday parties. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll need to reserve a venue about a year in advance.

Mistake #3: Taking on do-it-yourself projects without a timeline.

Solution: With the rise of Pinterest, do-it-yourself projects have become more feasible and often economical. The major downside is that they are time-consuming and require a significant amount of planning. Set a timeline for completion, but be realistic about your goals. Overestimate the time to allow for mistakes, and start the projects early in case a new course of action needs to be considered. Buy all of your supplies before starting the task and account for a few prototypes.

If you can avoid these 3 event planning no-no’s, then you will be well on your way to enjoying a seamless event experience. Our seasoned team of Event Design Consultants can walk you through the event design process step by step to help ensure your special day is just as amazing as you dreamt it would be.